The Top 10 Reasons To Be a
Right Wing Radio Host

10. You're opinionated and ignorant.

9. You have a poorly hidden hatred for visible minorities, single mothers, homosexuals, left-thinking people, and/or your parents.

8. You think your right-wing views on the world need to be aired, because if they weren't, society might evolve into some sort of equal and fair utopia, and then how could you possibly get ahead of your fellow man?

7. You've got an answer to every conceivable problem in the known universe, even if you were unaware of the problem until just one second ago.

6. You look forward to the day when you can somehow enforce your political and religous views on the entire god-damned country.

5. You think people won't intelligently discuss the issues of the day if they don't have you to spread endless misinformation.

4. You like to hang up on people when they're in the middle of a well-constructed and intelligently thought out argument and say, "No, No, I don't like talking to idiots." It makes you feel like a big man.

3. You feel that, if you can get enough people to phone up and agree with you on the air, your misshapen ideas about the world will somehow replace reality and get rid of all the people who disagree with you in the entire universe once and for all, which will save you the trouble of eliminating them one by one.

2. The allure of a career as an AM radio host is just too tempting to pass up.

1. You enjoy talking at complete strangers, and this would be so much easier than what you've been doing in the past, which is basically just starting to talk on the bus and hoping that other people will join in on the debate.

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