I make no grande claims (grande with an 'e', though here in text this emphasis seems redundant) to my skill in drawing. I can however draw what can be fairly deemed a "bitchin frog" and it hurts when people say it sucks. Here is my picture of a frog:

awesome frog; you know it

I drew this frog in colour for the first time just for you dudes here, but his right leg came out a little fat. Still, a great specimin. Contrast with others here, here, and especially here.

Important information for the clueless:

      front legs are drawn in the 'transsubstantial' art style.
those are rear legs, not teats. Christ.
the song 'push it' by salt'n'pepa is about SEX.
his head has buggy eyes; it is not a playstation controller.

Oh, before I forget, a public service announcement:

ps don't smoke