Ryan's Page Of Fun and Lesbian Robot Erotica

Hey babes. I say "babes" because there are lesbian robots below.

When I first saw this picture I though it was pretty OK because there were some robots in love in it. But then when I realized that BOTH robots have breasts (2 per) I knew that I had absolutely the world's first and finest example of lesbian robot erotica.

Entertainment Purposes Only

They are "sexcellent". That is a pun for you, you will find lots of puns on the internet! Also: blonde jokes.

The keen viewer will notice that this is an especially good picture because Lesbian Robot Two has achieved the "hand on the butt" kiss. This is good news for Lesbian Robot Two!

HELPFUL WARNING:You should be careful with this picture at work! It has high sexy-content so you might get in trouble with your boss if he does not like lesbian robots! (in which case it is true that at least you will have the lesbian robots to comfort you)

It is also true that I do not want to get in trouble with the Womyns Center or people who think that lesbian robot erotica situated by the male gaze is a bad idea! So don't forget that I had hetero-sexual robots on this site two years before the lesbian robots - and hetero-sexual sex is something we can all enjoy!

Send your robot erotica to rnorth@chat.carleton.ca and maybe you will have a picture of a mainframe? in which case i can begin work on my "sexy older robots" section! (mainframe must be anthropomorphic with tape reel eyes and a punch-card reader for a mouth)

I am looking for pictures with a lot of T&A (transistors and aluminum).

It turns out that the lesbian robots are from a Bjork video, "All is Full of Love". I find this to be a little disappointing: I liked the photograph better when I imagined it was the efforts of one lonely guy with a lot of money, not a music video director with a lot of money.

The upside of this is that I can now "capture" more pictures of the hot lesbian robot action. They are even more salacious, though! Lesbian Robot Two, after her success with the "hand on the butt" kiss, executes the "sliding hand down the outer thigh and back up across the inner thigh" maneuver, a proud achievement!!