Ryan North

Hey dudes. I say "dudes" because this is a dudes-only zone.

This is Ryan's NEW page of Fun and ROBOT EROTICA (emphasis added for effect).

To start things off, here's a picture of two robots in love:
Adults Only

I hope you enjoyed the robots in love.

If you're looking for something to laugh at, look at MADHOUSE. It is a page run by myself, Pat PJ McPats, and Eric, the Big "E". It is located at www.insaneabode.com, which the discerning reader will recognize as a pedantically rococo play on the words "mad" and "house".

If you are however looking to be regaled with a whole lot of information about a toy for children , you could look at my Duke Action Figures News.

There is not much on this page, besides robot erotica and links. The promised fun was a LIE.

However, here are some interesting facts about myself:
I have strawberry-blonde hair
I have a smushy dog
Eric, to my right here, is a Poo-Head

Sorry Eric.  That's what you get for reading my screen.

Last year I noticed that this page was pushing a lot of hits to MADHOUSE, which seemed to me to be somewhat sinister, since I didn't tell anybody about this page.

But people do come here, perhaps in search of the robot erotica. You'll have to go elsewhere for the EXTREME NASTY CLOSE-UP SHOTS of all my DIRTY ROBOTS WHO WANT TO BE SPANKED.

That should get us another new year of disappointed perverts.

Alright peeps, some things to notice:

a) clicking here will connect you to a short movie of some kid being hit on the head by a shovel. This is seriously the best thing ever. If you do nothing else with your life, watch this movie.

You may be tired of clicking your mouse, in which case you should certainly copy 'n' paste this: http://chat.carleton.ca/~rnorth/awesome.mpg into your browser and go from there.

b) I'd also like to point out that I'm hosting that movie on Carleton's server, which gives Carleton U a coolness factor of +4. Look it up in the next Macleans University ranking book, it'll be there.

Later babes,